f590e1_ce4e823ee1522d1be27efbf81ecea134Kim Swann
Owner/Master Stylist

For owner Kim Swann, Salon Della Vita is about more than just hair, it’s the experience inside that counts. With an atmosphere that blurs the lines between studio, salon, and home, she welcomes you into an inspiring, relaxed, and fresh setting. Kim has the ablitiy to identify and accommodate all aspects of her customers’ personalities by providing that look which most compliments each person as they are and as they hope to be in the future. You’ll have no cause to wonder why the compliments will come easy when you step out into downtown Savannah.

sabrinaSabrina Shorey
Hair and Makeup Artist

Salon Della Vita is delighted to have the talented Sabrina Shorey join our team. We not only recognize her skills with hair styling, color, and make-up….we also appreciate her unabashedly honest, positive, and magical like spirit. 1) She will listen closely to your concerns. 2) She will tell you what is possible and what will look the very best and most fashionable to suite your style, facial shape, and lifestyle. 3) She will go for it! most efficiently she will deliver the desired results you are looking for. You will certainly be happy leaving Sabrina’s chair and glad that you chose such a professional who is dedicated to her hair and make-up artistry. Her favorites are bobs,fades. and balayage color, and she thinks all the bright vivid colors are really fun to do as well. She is talented with all of it and terrific at make-up! Here in Savannah from Maine Sabrina brings her new home, Savannah and Salon Della Vita, all good energy. If you would like to see Sabrina’s latest creations you can like her page on Facebook, just click on the following link¬†¬†

We periodically add new stylists to our team. Please feel free to send your resume to