This may be a little late with Spring already arriving but you could still be having some leftover winter hair struggles. If so, check this out. Are the long freezing nights and short winters days bringing you the flat hair blues? With it being the middle of February and the dry air from the heat on in your home you may be feeling like your hair is lifeless.

Here’s a few tips to refresh your hair and scalp in preparation for spring. It is coming!


1) Ask your stylist for a razor cut.


Make sure they agree that your hair will respond well to the razor though, of course. Sometimes if hair is already flyaway or curly and tends to easily frizz you may want to stay away from the razor. Even if the razor isn’t used on your entire cut….adding a little razoring to at least the troublesome flat areas or just to better shape your style can give you the life you have been looking for. Sometimes only the razor will do.


2) Come to the salon for a scalp and hair treatment from Morrocan Oil.


Dry itchy scalps are common this time of year and you will be soothed by the lavender scent of this scalp treatment and your hair will thank you for the moisture.


3) Take a look at your tools such as blow driers, irons, or brushes.


Make sure you are having patience with your hair each morning. Ask your stylist to make sure you have the proper tools and be good to your hair.


4) Root Boost, anyone?


If you have never tried one now is your time! We recommend either the Morrocan Oil mousse, Color Proof Liftit foam spray, or the super lightweight 48 hour volume spray from Alterna’s Bamboo line. Hint: if you only buy one product and also need hairspray the Morrocan oil hair spray can double as a lightweight root boost. Apply at the root before blow drying for added volume and use as a hair spray into dry hair as well.
Hope this helps and see you soon!