Brian MacGregor

Painting/Mixed Media

Brian MacGregor is an internationally recognized fine artist who moved to Savannah in 2000 from Richmond VA.  He is abrian
SCAD graduate and has won over twenty awards including the National Congressional Art Award, International IASD First place Dream Art Award, Best of Savannah Art Award 2007 and more.  He’s done ten solo gallery shows and over fifty group shows across the country.  MacGregor has been interviewed by international and national magazines and newspapers from the US to Australia, NPR and Fox News.  MacGregor has his own public studio art gallery in downtown Savannah and is currently on display in many locations throughout.

Artist Statement:  

  This series like most of MacGregor’s artwork centers around the concept of the Collective Unconscious, in which he attempts to depict this realm by collecting thousands of different people’s handwritten dreams and gluing them into the backgrounds of his work. In the “Spiral Rose” series the shape of the inside of the rose is to mimic the shape of the universe. The drawn line of the petals is to mimic the orbits of the planets and the center, the sun. The idea being a refection of the macro in the micro.