It is of the most importance to us that every salon guest has a unique and relaxing experience when they are in our salon. With every service we want you to feel as special as you did the first time you joined us.

Color and Hair Painting!

Color Regrowth: $75.00

Color Regrowth – Refresh Ends

Gloss (tone and shine!) will many times be needed after the following services as a final touch and to achieve the desired result: $95.00

Sparkle (10-15 foils)  or mini partial: $25.00-$45.00-$75.00

Partial Highlight: $85.00-$105.00

Moderate Highlight: $105.00-$115.00

Full Highlight or balayage: $135.00-175.00

Keratin Treatments (lasting 4 to 6 weeks): $75.00

Keratin Treatment (lasting 4-6 months) includes a Smooth take home shampoo and conditioner: $250.00


Women’s Cut: $55.00- $75.00

Men’s Cut: $30.00- $45.00

Neck Trim: Complimentary

Bang Trim: Complimentary

All pricing is dependent on a variety of factors and please ask your stylist in person so we can see your hair before the service…. that way pricing can be determined before we get started on each color service.

All our menu prices are starting prices and may go up depending on the length and density of your hair! We make sure that every service is customized to you! We look forward to your appointment and hope that you can locate us with ease. If you have any questions or need directions please contact us at 912-231-0427